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gogol_icons's Journal

Gogol Bordello Icon Community
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This is the new community created for sharing Gogol Bordello icons! If you have made any icons, or you have come looking for icons that other people have made this is the place for you! Remember, when you use someone elses icon make sure you credit them for their work!

1. Must be Gogol Bordello related icons/graphics. That's the purpose of this community, any non GB related entries will be deleted without notice. Multifandom [posts with other icons that are not only Gogol but include them]posts are allowed, but please try not to do it for every single post.

3. Be polite and respectful. DO NOT START DRAMA. If ANY member of the community is bothering you, let me secondstar know and i will ban them. Any drama is not tolerated and will result in a banning, no prior warning.

4. When posting large amounts of icons, please use the LJ cut

5. While you may request layouts/icons/banners/etc here, please don't go overboard with the request posts. You need to leave your e-mail address, AIM name, or another form of contact, so you can get in touch with a willing person directly. BUT, please know that this isnt the sole purpose of the community.

6. If you do not currently have a LJ, if you take a icon or whatnot please leave your username of the journal you currently use, or some other form of "identity" .

That's about it for rules. Join, and have fun spreading the word about Gogol Bordello!


if you would like to affiliate with gogol_icons then just let me, secondstar know!